Thursday, 18 April 2013

Blog Post #5

Reflection on Oral Presentation

This post is an evaluation on my Oral Presentation I had on 16th April. The following is the breakdown of it:

All the while I had been the one working on the features of the applications, therefore I had a very good knowledge of my content. In addition, the interface and user flow of the application were mainly discussed, decided and designed between Ian and I, hence, I was very prepared for the presentation with all the visuals prepared through the use of various software programs.

Due to the lack of confidence in myself, I had unnecessary worries that I would forget my content despite knowing my content inside out. In addition, I kept having the worry that I would speak too long during the presentation as my part was content rich, which hence caused me to speak too fast before my audience could digest the content. Although the visuals were well prepared, and helpful, I failed to slow down to guide my audience through. To add on, even though I tried to use a convincing tone with a friendly approach by having a smile occasionally, due to the lack of pauses, it impeded the purpose of doing a successful pitch.

Use of slideware and other audiovisuals:             
The images used to showcase the interface of the App was a strength in my presentation because they were impressive since it was self designed and customized to our solution, which helped a lot in putting across to the audience the mechanism of our proposed idea.

Overall, I feel that there is a lot I need to improve on, especially believing in myself.


  1. Hello JieYing,

    I'm not sure about others, but I feel you not only have great voice projection but also a very engaging tone, such that I immediately switch to listening mode. I have observed this not just during OP, but generally when you speak up as well.

    I can relate to the unnecessary worries, I was in the same boat. After the presentation I realised how important it is to remain calm. In the following days since, I have attempted to do it, and the outcome has been definitely better.

    With regards to the App, one word. WOW. When the product itself speaks volumes, I think the audience can be quite forgiving of other hiccups. I can tell lots of effort has been put into developing it.

    Good Job, Jie Ying:)

    1. Hi Hiranya!

      Thank you for your comment and encouragement! Yes, I agree I need to learn how to keep calm and have faith in my own ability and preparation.

      I was intrigued by the idea of the App too! Hence, I was really excited working on it and doing the presentation slides. It could have been more effective if I had more confidence to make people believe what I believe.

  2. Hello Jieying,

    Throughout the project, I always feel you put in your best effort in all the tasks assigned to you, this OP is no exception. Its a really good effort.

    Don't worry so much about the confidence and pace, you need time to build them up gradually. You see, even Psy need more than 10 years before he got his style right;)

    1. Hi Ian!

      Thanks for the encouragement! It was really great working with you and establishing the App together! I hope I get to master these skills soon! It can get really exciting then. :)

  3. Hi Jie Ying,

    I feel that you have done a good job for the oral presentation! :D You're doing fine, and I think generally you've always appeared very confident and have a good voice projection whenever you are speaking and presenting. Moreover, you've definitely improved a lot on the use of fillers, as compared to the peer teaching session, which is an achievement! :D Good job! :) I think from the few practices that we've done in class, it has helped us in being more confident in one way or another, so i guess more practice will do us good.

    1. Hello Josephine!

      Thank you for your comment! Yes, I am glad I managed to find out the root cause of my bad habit on the use of fillers. This course has been really helpful! Thanks Brad and my peers for all the constructive evaluations.

  4. Hi Jie Ying,

    I was very impressed with the features and user flow that you came up with and that was one of the strong points of our presentation. Therefore, thank you very much!

    I think when you are so enthusiastic, you tend to speak faster. Maybe that’s the reason you maintain a fast pace to introduce all the cool things about the App. I think with practicing, you will be able to adjust your pace easily. It was really nice to work with you.

    1. Hello Chuong! No mention! I was really excited to work on the App too! I just thought the whole idea of implementing it is so cool!

      Yes, I agree that I need more practice! And I enjoyed working with you too! You are really interesting!!!